What are the eligibility requirements?


  • You must attend one First Time Homebuyers workshop held by Tenants to Homeowners. Click here for a list of upcoming 2015 classes.
  • Homes must be owner-occupied. LCHT does not subsidize landlords.
  • You must be able to qualify for a home loan from a TTH lender. This means you must have stable verifiable income, good credit and a low debt-to-income ratio. If you have questions about qualifying for a loan, please contact us at 842-5494.
  • Your total gross family income must not exceed the following 2016 income limits.

     Family Size *                      80% of Median

                                                               1                                                      $41,850

                                                              2                                                      $47,800

                                                              3                                                      $53,800

                                                              4                                                      $59,750

                                                              5                                                       $64,550

                                                              6                                                        $69,350

                                                              7                                                        $74,100

                                                             8                                                         $78,900

    *TTH measures a family as the number of people who will be living in the house.


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