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We rehabilitate older homes and build new ones that are accessible & Energy Star Qualified.

Energy Efficiency:

Tenants to Homeowners, was the first builder in Lawrence to construct an Energy Star certified home. TTH is committed to using compact fluorescent lighting and Energy Star certified appliances and fixtures. These all-electric, highly efficient homes reduce the strain on the environment and lower energy costs by approximately $150/mo. for homeowners. While these homes are being built, TTH recycles almost all construction-site waste. Read more about how an Energy Star home can help you.

  •    All electric, Energy Star certified homes
  •    Heat pumps
  •    2×6 construction replaces 2×4 to tighten structure for efficiency
  •    All duct work is sealed “within the envelope” in a shaft insulated with blue board to reduce energy leakage
  •    Attention to detail in sealing all air leaks
  •    Use of blown insulation
  •    Exploring the possibilities of solar and geothermal systems – Contribute to our efforts!


All new constructions are at least visitable to those with mobility impairments, and TTH also builds fully accessible homes.Click here for a complete list of TTH’s accessibility standards and green priorities.

For complete information about TTH’s current building and rehab projects, please see our current projects.

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