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Archived Stories and Events.

2/16/2012 LJWorld article and video: “County Approves Plan for Senior Housing.”

02/10/2012 6News article and video: “Organization Makes Home Ownership a Reality for Many

06/05/2011 LJW article “Public Will Get Glimpse of Green Building Techniques in Home Under Construction”

06/02/2011 LJW video “How to Make Your Home ‘Green'”

06/26/2010 LJW  follow-up article about 1245 New Jersey.

01/20/2010 LJW article and video about 1245 New Jersey, href=””> the “Greenest Affordable Home in Kansas.”

05/10/2010 TTH letter to the LJW editor about 1120 Rhode Island

04/21/2009 LJW article on how the census results impact us by setting income limits for government programs – and features an LCHT homeowner.

04/18/2009 LJW article on Tenants to Homeowners’ new affordable rental project. “It is still around $500 to $600 for a lot of studio apartments in Lawrence,” Buford said. “If your income is $1,000 a month, how are you supposed to make that work?”

04/20/2008 LJW article on the collaborative effort to rehabilitate 1120 Rhode Island and turn it into an affordable home. “It’s a great example of how several organizations can come together.”

03/14/2008 LJW article on energy efficient home design. “The project is one of nearly a dozen energy-efficient homes being built north of 19th Street along Bullene Avenue for Tenants to Homeowners, which is requiring that each of the homes meet federal Energy Star standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy.”

12/14/06 LJW article on affordable housing incentives “Rebecca Buford, executive director of Lawrence’s Tenants to Homeowners, said she thought the incentives-based idea was a worthy one.” [click here to go to the full text of the online article at the Lawrence Journal World website]

3/6/07 LJW article: TTH & County Commission reach lease agreement “An agreement that could lead to new residential development in the 1100 block of Rhode Island was reached Monday between Douglas County and Tenants to Homeowners Inc.” [click here to go to the full text of the online article at the Lawrence Journal World website.]


October 9 2006 Lawrence Journal World article about us!

There are plenty of signs that Rebecca Buford is not your typical Lawrence real estate developer. [click here to go to the full text of the online article at the Lawrence Journal World website]


August 8 2006 Lawrence Journal World article about us!

Tenants to Homeowners will use land trust to keep prices low on single-family units. Lawrence’s Tenants to Homeowners organization plans to soon begin work on its largest affordable housing project yet.

[click here to go to the full text of the online article at the Lawrence Journal World website]


Channel 6: April 5th, 2006 Affordable Housing story

“City leaders search for solution to high housing costs”

by Laura McHugh. Interviews with Rebecca Buford (TTH Executive Director) and recent TTH client.


Click here to go to the Channel 6 site and view the streaming video, or download the video directly to your computer (to play, you must have the free QuickTime plug-in [download plug-in here])

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