Meet Cara.

“I have so appreciated the work that you guys do in Lawrence to help families like mine and the flexibility and kindness that all of you have shown My daughter and I, while we are in transition. Really, it has helped us in so many ways – having an affordable house to take pride in made all the difference in the world. I will be singing your praises and passing you referrals as long as there are people asking for housing.”

Meet Kim.

“We’ve been in our new house for about three months now, and I still feel connected with the staff of TTH. I like the fact that I can call with questions concerning the house, taxes, and the loan. I even attended a home workshop which was informative and fun. Honestly, I would not have wanted to go through the home buying process alone, and with TTH, I felt anything but. Thank you, TTH, this is a wonderful program, and I am grateful for the staff that makes a world of difference.”

Meet Lindsay.

“Aside from my house payment being lower than our rent was, and the utilities being much cheaper than the utilities in the old, smaller house we rented before, I am thrilled that I am now able to give my children so many ‘firsts’ by owning our home. The first thing they asked when we moved was if they could paint their rooms pink and blue instead of the plain white we’ve had all these years of renting. They were also excited that we were able to put Christmas lights on our house. We now have a fenced-in yard for them to play in, and we were able to get our first family dog! I am so thankful to Tenants to Homeowners for helping me give my children these experiences while helping me be better off financially, and the feeling of owning my own home is wonderful!”

Meet Adam, Karen & Everett.

“We’d always wanted to buy a home, but as a young family balancing work, school and time together, we didn’t think it would be possible for years to come. After meeting with Tenants to Homeowners and going over our budget, we realized that with this program, we could purchase our first home now! We love having a place of our own, surrounded by great neighbors.”

Meet Andrea.

“We’ve had a wonderful experience with Tenants to Homeowners. Everyone has been super helpful through the whole process. This program has made it possible for my husband and I to purchase our first home. We couldn’t have done it otherwise.”

Meet Steve.

“Throughout the buying process Rebecca and Hayley of TTH were very supportive and helpful. Although at some times difficult and seemingly insurmountable, they made the endeavor manageable. Owning my own home allows me to build equity with every payment and provides me with a peace of mind that comes from taking actions that better my life. Ownership together with the prerogative to improve or remodel as I desire, makes my house seem more like “my home.””

Meet Brad.

“It was the best decision I’ve made that fulfilled a life-long dream of owning my own place. Looking back, the thought of how much I am saving owning compared to what I was paying in rent is almost unthinkable.”

Meet Vania.

Vania Bruner and her two sons, Luke and Logan, have Charcot-Marie Tooth (CMT), a hereditary muscular disease that affects the use of legs, arms, feet and hands. Before Tenants to Homeowners got involved, the Bruners lived in an inaccessible trailer. Concerned for the children’s safety, Tenants to Homeowners advanced the Bruners to the front of the waiting list for accessible homes.  With Vania’s help, TTH was able to collect over $30,000 in community donations and sell a home valued on the market at $145,000, for only $89,000 on the Housing Trust.

Meet Maria.

 “I love my house. I’m so glad to be here. I had always wanted to own a home, but never thought I could. Tenants to Homeowners just broke down all the barriers. The staff were people I could trust. The best thing was having someone there with me at every step of the process.”

Meet Stella.

“Tenants to Homeowners was an ideal opportunity, especially for a single woman. It was well worth the hard work. I believe I could not have picked out a better floor plan. My home is very spacious, well-built and comfortable. Rebecca was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. I appreciated her patience and genuine interest in my particular circumstances.”

Tenants to Homeowners, Inc. is a nonprofit Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)  that serves the City of Lawrence, KS.