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Program Literature.

LCHT, Inc. Completed Affordable Housing Projects

1997 – Purchased (5), rehabilitated and sold

  • 416 N. Michigan
  • 223 N. 7th
  • 227 N. 7th
  • Moved and rehabilitated 933 Mississippi to 1133 New York. Sold in May 1998.
  • Bought 1316 Summit. Originally a lease-to-own CHDO project. Sold in March 2000.

 1998 – acquired

  • (14) Brook Creek Rental Properties and began renting in August of 1998.
  • Bought 335 Elm St. and rehabilitated it. Sold 335 Elm St. property in October of 2000.

1999 – TTH, Inc. designed and rehabilitated the universally accessible house at

  • 1133 Pennsylvania with state funding. This property was rented with a purchase option beginning August 2000.

This represents a total of (21) properties from 1996 – 1999. 

2000 – TTH, Inc

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. designed and rehabilitated

  • 216 Alabama and 218 Alabama in cooperation with KU’s Studio 804 architecture students. 216 Alabama is fully accessible and was rented with a purchase option beginning in July of 2000.

 2001 – Work begins on Studio 804’s construction of

  • 801 Random Road. Rented with purchase option beginning July 2001.
  • Acquired 1243 Prospect with CHDO project funds. Sold in September 2001 using HOOT financing.
  • First three Atherton Court homes in the Habitat Addition are completed by TTH, Inc. 1825 Atherton Court is fully accessible and rented with a purchase option beginning in November 2001. 1801 Atherton Court sold on a HOOT loan in October 2001. 1713 Atherton Court sold in May 2002.

2002 – Second three Atherton Court homes are completed by TTH, Inc.

  • 1808 and 1812 Atherton Court are shown in an Open House on January 18, 2002. They are sold on HOOT loans in February 2002.
  • 1820 Atherton Court is sold in March 2002 to a HOOT participant.
  • 442 Forrest rehabilitation completed and the property sold to a low-income first time buyer using HOOT and HOYO financing.
  • Third three Atherton homes— 1824, 1828 and 1832 Atherton Court— are completed by TTH, Inc. and sold on HOOT loans to first time buyers.

 2003 – Tenants to Homeowners, Inc. holds its first fundraiser!

  • 3 Minutes or Less is performed to a full house at Liberty Hall on January 10, 2003. Tickets are sold out the day before the show and over 75 performers and crew volunteer their time and talent.
  • 5/03 – Studio 804 completes their universally accessible home at
  • 1718 Atherton Court and tenants move in July 1st.
  • 6/03 – TTH holds it’s first Home Tour. Two Studio 804 designs (1718 Atherton Court and 1801 Random Road), a TTH new construction at 1529 Harper, and the 1621 Cadet rehab are shown to over 50 tour attendees. Tour is free to public and supported by sponsors.
  • TTH completes three new homes at 1529 Harper, 1538 Harper and 1522 Lindenwood. These are sold on HOOT financing to lower-income buyers.
  • TTH begins construction of a 3-bedroom home at 805 Locust in North Lawrence using insulated concrete forms. Locust is completed in March of 2004 and has an open house on 3/5/04. Sold to HOOT eligible buyers in 4/2004.
  • 10/03 – TTH completes the rehabilitation at 1621 Cadet. This home was sold to a HOOT buyer. This is a joint project between TTH and the Brook Creek Neighborhood Association using HOME funds received through a competitive application.
  • TTH acquires 1108 Connecticut and begins to rehab the home in 2004.

2004 – TTH acquires

  • 130 Providence at auction and rehabs the home. Sold on the market in April 2005 and recaptured funds.

 2005 – TTH begins work with the Bruners;

  • To complete the 1800 square foot fully accessible house at 1814 Haskell. Completed in September 2005 and sold in trust in November of 2005.
  • 8/05 – TTH begins 3 new homes on the Perkings Addition at 3rd and Illinois—where TTH develops and splits an old farm lot into six buildable lots.
  • 310 Alabama is a 1-bedroom ICF home and sold in February of 2006.
  • 307 Illinois, a three bedroom accessible slab) is sold in Feb of 2006.
  • 309 Illinois is sold in March of 2006 becoming the 3rd, 4th and 5th LCHT homes. (2 story, 3 bedroom unfinished basement.
  • 10/05 – TTH establishes current building standards, accessibility standards and energy efficiency standards for all future building projects. TTH also adopts first 5 year strategic plan.

 This represents a total of (47) properties from 1997 – 2005.

 2006—TTH repurchases

  • 2825 Fenwick from a former HOOT owner. This is sold to eligible buyers as the 6th home in trust.
  • 7/06 – TTH begins construction on two townhomes at (49) 908 and (50) 910 W 3rd St. and these are sold in Nov. 2006.
  • TTH also began the 4th SF accessible home at
  • 306 Illinois that was sold in trust in Nov. 2006.
  • 8/06 – Due to a loss of a job the first buyers at 2825 Fenwick must relocate and it becomes the first successful resale in trust.
  • TTH also completes the 2nd buyer-initiated trust purchase at 1000 E. 25th Terr.
  • 9/06 – TTH begins the construction of the final two houses at 302 Alabama (sold 2.2008)
  • 303 Illinois (sold 5.2007).
  • TTH begins a new construction infill lot at 1032 New York in the East Lawrence Neighborhood that is sold in May of 2007.
  • TTH begins site and sewer work for its next development, the Homewood Gardens Development, a purchase a donation of lots that was replatted into an 11 lot development on Bullene scheduled to begin in the spring of 2007.

2007 – TTH begins the plans for the first 3 SF houses on Bullene.

  • 3/07 – TTH secures a lease with Douglas County to begin development plans on three vacant lots on Rhode Island to create 5 rental units and rehab 1 homeownership unit at 1120 RI.
  • 5/07 – TTH acquires 314 Birch as a buyer initiated purchase on what was once a HOOT home.
  • TTH has two more buyer initiated purchases of LCHT homes at 305 N. 9th in North Lawrence and 501 Lancaster.
  • 7/07 – TTH completes the rehab of a state funded home at 1825 Atherton Ct. that is then sold in trust.
  • TTH adds 3012 Havrone Way as a buyer initiated LCHT home and first condo unit in trust.
  • 1036 New York is also acquired and rehabbed and sold in trust very affordably using HOYO disability subsidy.
  • 10/07 – TTH completes and sells the first home on Bullene at 1643 Bullene.
  • 1651 Bullene is sold in Nov. 2007
  • 1647 Bullene in December.
  • TTH also completes a rehab of 1133 Pennsylvania a previously state funded rental unit, and recaptures it in trust.

2008 – TTH completes and sells a rehab of a former HOOT house at 1808 Atherton Court

  • 4/08 TTH acquires 1511 Davis, a buyer initiated purchase which was also a former HOOT house.
  • TTH completes 1655 Bullene (sold to the first native homeowner in trust).
  • 1701 Bullene, the fully accessible SIP
  • 1601 Bullene designed by a KU architecture student, making this our most energy-efficient building to date.
  • 1705 Bullene (first buyers that were seniors who needed to downsize) and 1709 Bullene.

2009 – TTH completes and sells

  • 1713 Bullene and 1715 Bullene to first time buyers and by March, sells the 11th and final house in this development at 1719 Bullene.
  • TTH begins construction on a 5-unit townhome development at 12th and Delaware next to the Delaware Commons co-housing project.
  • 4/09 – TTH acquired and began rehabbing a condo shell at 1509 W. 25th Court, sold to a buyer in a wheelchair who needed accessible features in August.
  • 7/09 – TTH had its second successful resale of a condo unit at 3012 Havrone Way.
  • 9/09 – TTH sells its first of 5 completed condo units at 1204 Delaware A2.
  • TTH sells the second at 1204 Delaware B to a first time buyer in October.
  • 12/09 – TTH completes its 19th rehab at 2612 Moundview Dr. and also sells 1204 Delaware C1.  

2010 – TTH sells the final two condo units at:

  • 1204 Delaware C2 and 1204 Delaware A1. An HOA begins meeting that includes TTH and the five owners of these units to ensure maintenance of the exterior and common yard. This is TTH’s first developed condominium units.
  • 4/10 – TTH completed the rehab at 1120 RI and sold in trust. This property won a KS Historic Resources Award and used state historic preservation credits.
  • TTH also completes a gut rehab of a small 2 bedroom house at 1230 Laura Ave. This house sits on a double lot and was a good addition to the trust as we began making plans to build next door and tear down a blighted house across the street that would provide 3 lots.
  • 6/10 – TTH recaptures a HOOT house at 1808 Atherton Court and puts it in trust.
  • TTH also completes its most energy efficient SIP dome home at 1245 New Jersey and sells in in trust. This wins a Kansas Housing Resource Corporation award for greenest affordable house with annual utility bills at only $1 per day.
  • TTH completes (5) rentals using NSP funds at 1110 RI A, 1110 RI B, 1114 RI, 1118 RI A, and 1118 RI B which are leased up in 2010.
  • TTH also starts new homeownership construction at 1229 Laura, 1231 Laura and 1233 Laura—all three 3 bedroom basement homes in the Brook Creek neighborhood.
  • Also start 1232 Laura across the street next to the rehab we had sold on the double lot. These are sold in 2011.
  • Also put rehab money into 216 Alabama and put a trust mortgage on it for that amount. The owners agreed to sell it in trust.

This represents a total of (90) properties from 1997 – 2010.

 2011 – TTH begins it’s biggest development, an 18 unit SF coul-de-sac and Ryan Ct. called Prairie Wind. After selling all four Laura houses in the spring of 2011.

  • TTH acquires 1812 Atherton Ct. and recaptures the HOOT house back in to trust. A buyer initiated purchase at 1417 Pennsylvania allows TTH to add another home into trust that was formerly a HOOT house.
  • TTH also acquires 2437 Brookside Dr. in October.
  • TTH begins construction on a duplex for ownership at 611 and 613 Wrigley Ave., sold in Jan. 2012 and 2013.
  • TTH receives a LIHTC allocation in partnership with Excel Development to rehabilitate 20 accessible rental units (5 four plexes at 2 sites) at Accessible Residential Options, now called LCHT Accessible Housing, LLC (95-114). TTH begins relocation so contractors can complete the rehabilitation 1 fourplex at a time.
  • TTH also acquires (7) rental units from the Pelathe Center at 15th and Haskell, Eastside Estates (115-121) and begins to rehabilitate these units while managing current tenants.

2012 – TTH acquires another buyer initiated purchase at

  • 1230 Rhode Island and puts that home in trust.
  • TTH completes a rental unit using NSP funds at 2130 Rhode Island.
  • A mobile home at 100 Arkansas is also donated to TTH and becomes a rental unit for several years until sold in 2014.
  • TTH sells its first completed PW home 2512 Ryan Ct. in May 2012.
  • Next is 2508 Ryan Ct., 2520 Ryan Ct., 2527 Ryan Ct., and 2516 Ryan Ct. in December of 2012.
  • TTH is also approached by the Elder Women’s League to consider senior housing development on county land behind the United Way Center. TTH begins the request with the county.

2013 – TTH sells:

  • 2504 Ryan Ct. is sold in May followed by 2523 Ryan Ct., 2519 Ryan Ct. and 2505 Ryan Ct. in June.
  • In August, TTH sells 2509 Ryan Ct. and 2524 Ryan Ct. in October.
  • November TTH allows a tenant to begin renting at 2130 RI for a lease-to-purchase, when the owner has to quickly leave. She successfully completes the purchase in 2016.
  • 2552 Ryan Ct. and 2528 Ryan Ct. are sold at the end of 2013, leaving four houses to be completed in the 18 unit project.
  • TTH builds their first 4-bedroom plan and 2-bedroom 2-bath plans for families.

2014 – TTH sells:

  • 2515 Ryan Ct., 2536 Ryan Ct. and 2532 Ryan Ct. in the first half of 2014.
  • TTH also has its first resale where it lets an LCHT owner from a smaller home buy a larger home in the program in May.
  • TTH also acquires 805 Locust, a HOOT recapture in trust.
  • TTH sells 2548 Ryan Ct. in August of 2014 and completes four additional LCHT resales.
  • TTH also acquires an old house on a double lot on LaSalle and demolishes it to have two buildable lots. TTH begins construction on 912 LaSalle using the same four bedroom floorplan loved at PW (sold in 2015).
  • TTH also completes a pocket park amenity at PW with funding from DCCF.

2015 – TTH sells its final house at:

  • Prairie Wind 2540 Ryan Ct. in April of 2015.
  • TTH also sells 914 LaSalle, the second house built new on the double lot.
  • In addition to working on funding and plans for Cedarwood Senior Cottages.
  • TTH administers an additional nine resales in 2015.  

This represents a total of (144) properties from 1997 – 2015.    

2016 – TTH completes:

  • (14) Senior rental townhomes in the Cedarwood Senior Cottage development and begins lease up in July 2016. As part of the Partnership Project, the first funded project from local Housing Trust Funds.
  • TTH begins to build two 4-bedroom rental units at 906 and 910 LaSalle allowed Habitat to build a six-bedroom house on 902 LaSalle that will be stewarded in trust and was sold in March of 2017.
  • TTH also stewarded 4 resales of housing trust homes in 2016.

2017 – TTH acquired:

  • 1230 Delaware D22, a condo unit at the Delaware Co-housing Development, was added in trust in June. In July.
  • TTH also acquired a Hoot Recapture at 1713 Atherton Ct.
  • TTH also began a 4-bedroom new construction house at 1346 Rhode Island and completed a 3 bedroom rehabilitation at 1334 Brooke St. sold in December and becoming the 79th home in trust.

This represents a total of (164) properties from 1997 – 2017.

Housing Trust Conceptual Framework    Other Community Land Trust websites (PDF)    Key Features of the CLT

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04/18/2009 LJW article on Tenants to Homeowners’ new affordable rental project. “It is still around $500 to $600 for a lot of studio apartments in Lawrence,” Buford said. “If your income is $1,000 a month, how are you supposed to make that work?”

04/20/2008 LJW article on the collaborative effort to rehabilitate 1120 Rhode Island and turn it into an affordable home. “It’s a great example of how several organizations can come together.”

03/14/2008 LJW article on energy efficient home design. “The project is one of nearly a dozen energy-efficient homes being built north of 19th Street along Bullene Avenue for Tenants to Homeowners, which is requiring that each of the homes meet federal Energy Star standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy.”

12/14/06 LJW article on affordable housing incentives “Rebecca Buford, executive director of Lawrence’s Tenants to Homeowners, said she thought the incentives-based idea was a worthy one.” [click here to go to the full text of the online article at the Lawrence Journal World website]

3/6/07 LJW article: TTH & County Commission reach lease agreement “An agreement that could lead to new residential development in the 1100 block of Rhode Island was reached Monday between Douglas County and Tenants to Homeowners Inc.” [click here to go to the full text of the online article at the Lawrence Journal World website.]


October 9 2006 Lawrence Journal World article about us!

There are plenty of signs that Rebecca Buford is not your typical Lawrence real estate developer. [click here to go to the full text of the online article at the Lawrence Journal World website]


August 8 2006 Lawrence Journal World article about us!

Tenants to Homeowners will use land trust to keep prices low on single-family units. Lawrence’s Tenants to Homeowners organization plans to soon begin work on its largest affordable housing project yet.

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Channel 6: April 5th, 2006 Affordable Housing story

“City leaders search for solution to high housing costs”

by Laura McHugh. Interviews with Rebecca Buford (TTH Executive Director) and recent TTH client.


Click here to go to the Channel 6 site and view the streaming video, or download the video directly to your computer (to play, you must have the free QuickTime plug-in [download plug-in here])