Affordable Rentals:

Tenants to Homeowners (TTH) maintains more than 84 affordable rental homes in Lawrence to those with low to moderate incomes. In our program 1 we have 49, 20 units that are handicap accessible and 14 senior units. Due to the number of applications we receive, we cannot show units to prospective residents until we have approved their application. Please read the program information below to identify which program may better meet your needs. For more information or to request assistance in completing an application, please contact us at 785.842.5494.

Download and print Program 1 application.

Download and print Program 2 application.

Download and print Program 3 application.

Program #1
No current vacancies.

Program #2 ~ (handicap accessible)
No current vacancies.

Program #3 ~ (62+ income qualified)
No Current vacancies.

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Rental Program 1

Affordable Rental Program: Rent is set at below fair market rent.

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Rental Program 2

Accessible housing for those with physical disabilities. Rent is income-based.

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Rental Program 3

Affordable Senior Rental Program : Rent is set at below fair market rent

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