2024 Officers and Board of Directors

Tripartite Governance:

The TTH board of directors meets the “classic” Community Land Trust (CLT) definition as well as the Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) definition for tripartite board structure.  One third of the board represents the interests of people who who rent or lease land from the CLT or individuals who live in a qualified low-moderate income neighborhood or are low-income themselves (“leaseholder representatives’). One third represents the interests of residents from the surrounding “community” who do not lease CLT land (“general representatives”). Not more than one third is made up of public officials, local funders, nonprofit providers of housing or social services, and other individuals presumed to speak for the public interest (“public representatives”). Control of the CLT’s board is diffused and balanced to ensure that all interests are heard but no interest is predominant.


President – Ashley Zeller, Bank Midwest, Director since 2020
Vice President – Emily Blevins, Truity Credit Unit, Director since 2019
Treasurer – Chelsea Farmer, First Management, Director since 2018
Secretary – Suzanne Kerich, KU Facility Manager Youngberg Hall, Director since 2017

Board of Directors

Mike Myers, Architect at Hernly & Associates, Director since 2011
Marie Alice L’Heureux, School of Architecture and Design, KU, Director since 2022
Chad Krause, AIA, KU School of Architecture and Desing, Director since 2023
Erin Maigaard, Realtor, Director since 2023
Angela Winn, Kansas Children’s Service League, Director since 2023
Kim Barbee, Director since 2024
Emily Hamblin, Top City Logistics LLC, Director since 2024
Rolf Petermann, Architect at Multistudio, Director since 2024