2021 Officers and Board of Directors

Tripartite Governance:

The board of directors of the “classic” CLT is composed of three parts, each containing an equal number of seats. One third of the board represents the interests of people who lease land from the CLT (“leaseholder representatives”). One third represents the interests of residents from the surrounding “community” who do not lease CLT land (“general representatives”). One third is made up of public officials, local funders, nonprofit providers of housing or social services, and other individuals presumed to speak for the public interest (“public representatives”). Control of the CLT’s board is diffused and balanced to ensure that all interests are heard but no interest is predominant.


President – Lloyd Rainge, Capitol Federal VP Community Investment, Director since 2012
Vice President – Ashley Zeller, Bank Midwrst, Director since 2020
Secretary – Suzanne Kerich, KU Facility Manager Youngberg Hall, Director since 2017
Treasurer – Amy Cleavinger, Former Lender,  Director since 2016

Board of Directors

Mike Myers, Architect at Hernly & Associates, Director since 2011
Chelsea Benoit, First Management, Director since 2018
Marie Alice L’Heureux, School of Architecture and Design, KU, Director since 2022
Aaron Clopton, KW Commercial-Integrity, Director since 2022
Emily Blevins, Truity,  Director since 2019
Raven Harper, Raintree Montessori School,  Director since 2021
Selene Zepeda, US Bank, Director since 2021
Gregory Crichlow, School of Architecture and Design-KU, Director 2022