Lawrence Community Housing Trust properties have been developed and supported with funding from a variety of sources, which places certain restrictions on the property that Tenants to Homeowners is required to comply with.

Program Eligibility: Applicants must be income eligible, complete all application steps, and provide documentation of completion to TTH staff. If an applicant is deemed ineligible, they will be notified and given information on any other housing programs for which they may be eligible.

Applicants determined to be eligible will be held in an Eligible Prospective Buyer Pool and selected for available housing based on the following factors:

Pre-approval for financing from LCHT lender: Qualified applicants are accepted in the order in which they receive pre-approval with adequate financing and make their interest known to TTH, Inc. that they want to purchase a specific home from TTH, Inc.

Adequacy of Current Housing: Priority may be given to qualified applicants who are being involuntarily displaced, are extremely rent burdened (paying more than half their annual income for rent), are currently occupying sub-standard housing, or have accessible housing needs not met by their current rental situation.

Household Size: The size of the applicant household must be appropriate for the number of bedrooms in the home that the applicant is applying for. For example: If a 3-bedroom unit is available 3 or 4 person households will be considered before 1 or 2 person households in the applicant pool. “Right-sizing” housing in this way allows us to best serve our community with limited housing stock.

Priority Target Groups: Some homes may be targeted to serve people with special needs or may give preference to certain groups as required by subsidy and funding requirements.

Fair Housing: Homebuyer selection will be made without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, familial status, sexual orientation, or physical and/or mental disability.