Tenants to Homeowners offers three affordable rental programs. To identify which program is best for you, please provide answers to the following questions.

1. Does the applicant currently, or is the applicant planning to live in Douglas County, Ks?
2. Is the applicant age 55 or older?
3. Is the applicant age 62 or older?
4. Does the applicant live with a physical disability?
5. For an applicant to be eligible for our rental programs, they must earn at or below 80% of Average Median Income. Is the applicant income eligible for our rental programs? Effective 6.1.2021 - 5.31.2022
Family Size * 80% of Median
1 $47,350
2 $54,100
3 $60,850
4 $67,600
5 $73,050
6 $78,450
7 $83,850
6. Is the applicant seeking to rent one of our Gold Leaf Senior living units located in Baldwin City?

If you have questions or need assistance, please get in touch with Tenants to Homeowners at: (785) 842-5494