TTH Supportive Services

Supportive Housing Mission and Goals:  To promote health, safety, and housing stability with support services Necessary to improve emotional, physical, and financial well-being.

Housing success comes in all shapes and sizes:

TTH serves each client based on their own set of unique needs and goals.For some, this means guiding a pathway towards successful homeownership. For others, we offer a variety of rental programs with opportunities for tenants to receive special one-on-one support. We serve seniors, those with physical and mental health conditions, those transitioning out of foster care, houselessness, and situations of domestic violence. We believe by treating each situation with intentional support, empowerment, and healthy boundaries. We are providing those  we serve with the tools necessary to achieve long lasting housing stability.

TTH’s Housing Care coordination addresses the unique needs of tenants:

Care Coordination staff works with residents on interpersonal skills to develop healthy boundaries and to foster healthy relationships. Staff members also provide daily living and household management skill building so that residents can function independently within a household.