“Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC) in Lawrence, Kansas, had a problem. The Church had an empty house near South Park that it wanted to lease to a family in need of affordable housing.  TLC was having problems keeping the residence leased, and volunteer staff for TLC didn’t have time to actively manage the property.  That resulted in a beautiful house being empty.  That changed when TLC contracted with Tenants to Homeowners.  Before leasing the home, Tenants to Homeowners identified a number of repairs and fixes that needed to be made, and (after consulting with TLC) made them successfully at a fair and reasonable price.  Tenants to Homeowners now manage the property and have connected TLC with a good family as tenants.  Tenants to Homeowners has accomplished the rare feat of satisfying the social concerns wing of TLC, as well as the financial one.  I would recommend that any church, with bequeathed residential properties, consider Tenants to Homeowners for management of the church’s residential property.”

-Ted Smith, 

Owner/Partner in the ARM (Affordable Rental Management) program.